Invisible Space

Are you in need of copying and pasting blank spaces?

Our Invisible Text Generator allows you to effortlessly create empty or blank text with just one click. This tool enables you to copy and paste the empty space for various purposes.

Why opt for an Invisible Text Generator?

This tool facilitates the easy sending of empty messages, whether on a website or a mobile application. With a simple click of the "Copy to Clipboard" button, you can copy the blank space and paste invisible text or blank characters without hassle.

No Installation Required

There's no need to download or install any software to generate empty letters. Our tool operates without requiring any installation or signup process to generate invisible characters.

Copy-Paste Empty Text

Our feature of copy-pasting empty text allows you to send or display empty characters wherever your browser may not allow it. It seamlessly generates invisible text, enabling you to copy and paste it anywhere without encountering any obstacles.

Testing Option

Once you've copied the text to the clipboard, our tool provides an option to test the generated empty space to ensure its functionality.

Free to Utilize

Our tool is entirely free to use for all online purposes. Whether you need to send blank spaces on social media apps or other online platforms, you can do so without any cost.

Invisible Characters for Fortnite Invisible Characters - Where to Utilize?

The invisible symbol can be utilized in Fortnite RPG to conceal usernames. You can effortlessly generate these empty letters using our tool.

Invisible Letters for Instagram, Twitter, and PUBG

These empty spaces can also find utility on various social media platforms. They are often employed to create usernames for your Twitter and Instagram accounts. Additionally, they can be used to fashion unique usernames for gaming, such as PUBG or other mobile apps.

You can also utilize our fake address generator to craft fake social media and gaming profiles to safeguard your identity.

Sending an Empty Message on WhatsApp

Online texting applications like WhatsApp do not permit the sending of blank messages, even if empty spaces are entered. However, by utilizing our Invisible Text Generator, you can generate a blank space and send a blank text on WhatsApp.

Furthermore, you can employ it to send an empty message on your mobile device's default messaging app.

Note: This "Blank space copy and paste" does not represent a genuine space; rather, it is a character.

Empty Character List

Unicode HTML Example
U+0009 [ ]
U+0020 [ ]
U+00A0   [ ]
U+2000   [ ]
U+2001 [ ]
U+2002 [ ]
U+2003 [ ]
U+2004 [ ]
U+2005 [ ]
U+2006 [ ]
U+2008 [ ]
U+2009 [ ]
U+200A [ ]
U+205F [ ]
U+3000   [ ]

Source: Wikipedia